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Ways to Give

A gift to the Council - at any level - helps us to provide youth leadership and environmental education and ACTION projects to our young people as well as promote sustainable rural communities right right here on the north coast.  Your donation can provide significant tax advantages. The ways to give are as many and varied as the people who give them:

  • donating a small amount today to show you care by clicking on the PayPal link above
  • Making a contribution in memory of a loved one with a memorial gift--you can specify in the Paypal Link above
  • Supporting our ongoing work needed to sustain quality programs and services through an annual gift -- talk with us about making a pledge 707-978-4149 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Caring for future generations through a planned gift -- we can help you with the information needed to work with your attorney for your trust or will
  • Create a legacy through an endowment or fund naming opportunities  -- talk with us about these opportunities 707-978-4149 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 We are happy to accept:

  • Checks, Credit cards, PayPal transfers, or cash
  • Gifts of Stock
  • Gifts of land or property
  • Wills & Bequests
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Pledges


Memorial / Tribute Gifts
A Commemorative Gift to the Council is a contribution made out of love, friendship, and respect. It is a thoughtful way to honor a person or a special event, or make a memorial tribute to a special person, friend, or family member.

When we receive your Commemorative Gift, we send an acknowledgement card to you, as well as a gift card to the person who has been honored, or to the family or friend of the person who has been remembered with a memorial gift. The amount of the gift is not included on the acknowledgement card.

Celebration Donations
Holidays... Birthdays... Celebrations... Thanks! Celebrate the Holidays, the birth of a child, an anniversary, a special birthday or simply to say 'Thank You!' Donate to the Council in honor of friends or family and even clients! Simply donate a gift to the Council in their name, and we'll send them a card acknowledging your gift to help them celebrate! The recipient can enjoy their gift knowing it is helping to support the local sustainability for the future.

Share your commitment to support the Council, give a Tribute gift today.

Own or operate a business?
Give a gift that shows your clients and customers that you care about them and our community. We'll make it easy for you. Email the Council office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Annual Gifts
Your pledge of annual support helps sustain the ongoing programs and services needed by our community. Your unrestricted gift will be used to fund current Council priorities; or you may choose to restrict your gift to an area of sustainable agriculture and natural resources (Pollinator Programs, Water Conservation Activities, Beginning Farmer Support, and more!) that is especially meaningful to you. Contact the Council for further information about pledging annual support for our programs.

Planned Gifts
By including the Council in your will, donating a gift of appreciated securities, or creating a charitable trust, you could be providing tax benefits for yourself and your heirs while supporting the long term rural sustainability of our local communities.

Donation Designation
General Donations fund current Council priorities and play a very important role in our ability to provide support for our community. Simply writing a check or giving through our new secure online process is one of the most common ways to support local sustainability of agricultural and natural resources.

Restricted Donations provide an opportunity to support specific programs that are especially meaningful to you.

Special Fund Profiles

Pollinator Programs

“Bee Patches” is an educational and habitat planting project project in line with our Council’s purpose of supporting sustainable agriculture and conservation of natural resources in Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake and Marin Counties, California.  We focus on the importance of pollinators, their habitat, and best practices in environmental stewardship that benefit pollinators.   We hope you will help us meet our 2016 fundraising goal of $10,000 --$50, $100 or hopefully more for implementing “Bee Patches.” Eighty percent of the world’s flowering plants are animal pollinated, and wildlife ecosystems are vitally dependent on pollinating partners.  Honeybees, other pollinators and pollination services represent a critical component of healthy wildlife ecosystems and sustainable agriculture, with honeybees pollinating an estimated $15 billion of agricultural crops annually in the United States.  Direct and indirect value could total $30 billion annually. Scientists and farmers alike are increasingly recognizing the importance of honeybees and native pollinators, and the reality that they are at risk.   The “Bee Patches” project is dual pronged—supporting pollinator habitat with youth creating bee gardens, an important conservation effort, while at the same time using an innovative approach to stimulate education and learning about pollinators.Check out


Rain Catchers

"Rain Catchers" promotes rooftop water collection for use as summertime irrigation for schools, homeowners and businesses. Storing water from winter rains for later use can allow schools, for example, to have thriving gardens in water short areas. "Rain Catchers" provides technical advice and a mini-grant to partnering schools or other entities for purchasing a storage tank and related equipment. Check out


Worm Wizards of Waste

Worm Wizards of Waste is an environmental education program for reducing wastes going to landfills as well as reducing the potent greenhouse gas methane. Vermiculture (worms) of school food waste scraps can cumulatively divert tons of waste from our local landfills. In our Worm Wizards program, students learn how to look at waste as an exciting recyclable material, and food scraps as the base "stuff" for turning garbage into rich compost. Using onsite worm bins, schools can divert their waste to the bins and develop a rich compost which may be used onsite in school gardens or as a fundraiser for the school. Worm Wizards of Waste is another community sustainability project! Check out


Cultivating Commerce

Cultivating Commerce is aimed at assisting entrepreneurs begin new farming ventures or add to their existing activities to create a value-added product which increases economic stability in their operations. Whether adding a niche marketing endeavor such as boutique honey production to an existing winery or pursuing a startup organic vegetable farm, entrepreneurs struggle in developing and implementing a viable business model in our rural area. Cultivating Commerce is designed to promote agrarian entrepreneurship while ensuring environmental protection of our natural resources.Check out


Biomass Benefits

Forest and agricultural biomass represents a huge potential resource for energy production, healthy soil amendment, and carbon sequestration. Significant amounts of currently non-merchantable biomass are available from forest resource management, wood products manufacturing, agricultural operations, and businesses in the North Coast region. Biomass energy producing facilities could provide a potential economic use for this material, and biochar production could provide an amendment to create healthier soils and sequester carbon. These uses could also provide an economic stimulus in our North Coast rural communities and decrease fuels loading and potential for catastrophic wildfires in our forests. The Council supports research and investigation into the benefits of local biomass.


General Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Communities

We support other non-profits and community groups who are furthering sustainable rural communities, healthy local foods, and resource protection in the north coast.


For further information about these and other fund development projects, please contact the Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thinking of buying or selling a house? Another way to help the Council is through the 5% Back Program!

If you need a realtor to assist you in a home purchase, why not use a program which gives 5% of the realtor's commission to your favorite charity (hopefully, that will be us!). There is no added on cost to you as the buyer/seller--the donation comes directly from the particpating realtor! Click here for more information:







Remember you can donate for sustainable agriculture or just for one of our programs with a credit card
through the secure PayPal system by clicking on the PayPal image at the top of this page, or send a check via US Mail to:


P.P. Box 6417
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