The NCRC&DC is partnering with other organizations to provide educational outreach throughout our rural communities to assist in assessing community needs for fire resiliency and to inform residents of actions they can personally take to reduce their risks from wildfires.  We are helping spread the word on individual actions that can be taken to be more fire safe such as understanding defensible space measures, fire hardening techniques, benefits of fire-safe landscaping, developing a fire action plan including a family evacuation plan, and available resources to assist in community-wide planning.

One partner for a specific project in this effort is Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District (GRRCD) who we are working with to implement a Fire Prevention Planning and Community Engagement Project in Camp Meeker.  This project is funded by CalFire and we will work GRRCD as it reaches out to residents in the Camp Meeker area to create a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and facilitate activities that  will educate residents on fire safety and resiliency best practices. GRRCD will hold a series of community planning meetings will provide education around fire science and safety, increase coordination with local fire protection authorities and other relevant agencies, identify areas of high risk in the community and prioritize projects for future implementation.  Please vist the GRRCD website for more specific information on this project.