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Many ways to help the NCRC&DC exist--from volunteering to donating, you can make an important gift to the NCRC&DC. 

Donation of funds to the NCRC&DCl - at any level - helps us to promote sustainable rural communities right here on the north coast, and can provide significant tax advantages. The ways to give are as many and varied as the people who give them:

  • Making a contribution in memory of a loved one with a memorial gift
  • Supporting our ongoing work needed to sustain quality programs and services through an annual gift
  • Caring for future generations through a planned gift
  • Create a legacy through an endowment or fund naming opportunities

The North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which was formed and officially incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in November of 2002 to advance the conservation of natural and agricultural resources within Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties in Northern California. Initially, the US Department of Agriculture authorized the area under the Federal Farm Bill in the 1950s, and provided funding through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The funding included office space and the full time services of a coordinator to work with the Council to identify problems, establish goals and objectives, build strategies, and implement plans.

In spring of 2011, all funding and support from the NRCS abruptly ceased, including complete elimination of office space and the Coordinator position. Although the loss of NRCS support was challenging, our Council was well positioned to continue to implement its programs to achieve our goals and objectives.  Over the eight years since this change in funding, the Council continues to grow and thrive through a diversification oif funding sources inluding governmental grants, private foundation grants, corporate giving, fundraising, and the generous donation by numerous individuals.

The Council works cooperatively with rsidents, forest and farm land owners, private groups, and governmental agencies in our 4-County area, forming partnerships whenever possible to achieve our goals. Our Council membership is diverse and generally consists of interested individuals as well as representatives of local government, Resource Conservation Districts (Gold Ridge, Marin, Mendocino County, Sotoyome, and  Lake RCDs), tribes, and other non-profit organizations.

Welcome to the homepage of the North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council.   The NCRC&DC is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to perform environmental education and action with youth and our community that involves on-the-ground change and makes a real difference in pollinator protection, water conservation, climate change, and healthy sustainable communities in our rural north coast (Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties).

Our programs include Bee Patches (beepatches.org) that plants pollinator habitat with the Girl Scouts, Rain Catchers (raincatchers.info) that builds rooftop rainwater girlshowingyoungergirlcollection and storage systems at schools, Worm Wizards of Waste (wormwizards.org) that turns school food scrap garbage into compost, and Cultivating Commerce (cultivatingcommerce.org) that helps startup companies be successful and sustainable. Our programs all rely on making simple changes that cumulatively make for big impact.

We advocate for change to promote fair, just, and sustainable communities, and preserve and enhance the quality of life for all of our residents into the future. We maximize our impact by collaborating with other organizations on projects that focus on education, pollinator habitat protection, water conservation, landfill waste and greenhouse gas reduction, new sustainable farming support, and carbon sequestration projects. We emphasize multi-generational family involvement in our projects, and encourage community connection to the lands around them.

Our programs all involve both on-the-ground change as well as educational outreach to encourage replication of our programs by individuals and other community groups. We build rainwater collection, storage and re-use systems at schools; plant pollinator habitat working with youth in our farms and fields; work with individual agricultural operators to become successful; support community members working individually or as a group to foster positive change in line with our mission; work with students and encourage schools to divert food waste from landfills through onsite vermiculture (worm) composting to produce rich compost to use at the school; add biochar to agricultural fields and rangelands to make healthy soils and sequester carbon; and much more. These programs all are aimed at supporting healthy, sustainable communities in our 4-County region by promoting (1) diverse environmentally sound agriculture, (2) new entrepreneurship strategies including but not limited to enhancing the availability of local healthy foods, and (3) promoting learning-based opportunities for our residents.